Welcome to our Sisterhood,

The Moon Society

Imagine this: a Sisterhood of women, at every stage and age of life, coming together in circle. A safe space to be seen and to let down the walls that have, until now, stopped you from fully expressing yourself and standing in your power.

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By coming together in circle, we reclaim what has been missing in our lives - community and authentic connection. We reclaim the right to be perfectly imperfect. To share, love, and heal ourselves and the sisterhood wound. 


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Imagine this: a circle of women, holding hands and connecting to Mumma Earth. Two of the women hold out their hands to you, waiting for you to join them. You walk up to them and take their hands, closing the circle again. You close your eyes, breathe, and when you open them, you are staring at the women's faces through your computer/phone screen. You are still in circle, it is still sacred, and you can do it from a location you feel most comfortable in

Imagine being a part of a community of wild women fiercely committed to living their lives unapologetically aligned with who they are, and not who the world wants them to be. A place where your whole self can be seen. A judgment-free zone

Imagine having a safe place to talk about womanhood and topics that are considered taboo in a male-dominated world - menstruation, sexuality, pleasure, guilt, the witches’ wound, the abandonment wound, the rise of the Priestess, being a natural witch, healing your Inner Child, and how to manifest a life that you desire with orgasms! Basically the things you have the courage to talk to your good friends about after one glass of wine becomes two...or three

Imagine having a safe place where your whole self is welcome.  Where the part of you that feels stuck, lost, angry, sad, and ALL of the other emotions is met with love and understanding.

There are now two ways to join our sisterhood, The Moon Society:

Quarter Moon Membership


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  • Monthly New Moon gatherings
  • Monthly Full Moon gatherings
  • Recordings of New Moon Ceremonies (in case you miss one)
  • Online Community
  • Easy to use calendar and online platform

Full Moon Membership


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  • Weekly online Women’s circles (that's 4 circles a month!)
  • New Moon Gatherings
  • Full Moon Gatherings
  • Recordings of New Moon Ceremonies (in case you miss one)
  • Online Community
  • Easy to use calendar and online platform
  • Two courses - The Moon 101 & Menstruation 101
  • Meditations & Light Language Activations
  • First access to our trainings and in person events
  • Option to join Affiliate Program

Welcome Sister,

We’re Em Atkinson & Linda Addis, the visionaries and sacred space holders of The Moon Society.

We created this community because we believe it’s time for the women of the world to come together, to stand united and build a new earth together. Alone we can change lives but together we can change the world!

Women’s voices have been silenced for a millennia but the Divine Feminine is rising and it’s time for HERstory to be re-written. 

We are devoted to creating a safe space where women of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life can come together to heal, learn to love themselves, find the courage to use their voices, and let down the walls that have been built up over the years. It is here you can allow your whole self to be seen and accepted. A place where you can fully express yourself without any judgement. 

This community isn’t ours. It’s yours. Welcome sister.


Women Need Other Women

For a millennia, women have been turned against each other, whether it was burning at the stake or commenting degrading statements on instagram posts. There is a witches wound that runs deep in the hearts and souls of all women. This can show up as a mistrust among women. 

It is common to crave sisterhood, yet fear the trust that comes with making friends.  Every time we gather together, we heal this deep wound and realize how much we need each other. We realize how similar we are and that we’re all just trying to keep it together as we journey through life and womanhood.

 In our experience, nothing compares to the healing that can happen in a women’s circle. We have witnessed sisters step into circle with the weight of the world on their shoulders and leave feeling light. That is the power of sharing. The power of authentic connection. That is the power of women coming together.

Our Sacred Cycles are the missing link

How many of these can you relate to: feeling stressed, burnt out, dis-ease in your body, lack of self-care, overly nurturing others, weight issues, feeling like you are “crazy,” feeling emotionally disconnected, feeling like there is no hope.

Women have been connected to the moon since the beginning of time. In ancient times,  tribes honored this connection and wove it into their daily lives. Our modern world does not honor this cosmic connection. Women are disconnected from themselves and their bodies because they are disconnected from the natural flow of life and their true inner self. By being disconnected from our own bodies and rhythms of nature, we go against the natural flow of life. We think we have to constantly go-go-go, but once we learn to sync with everything around us and honor life's rhythms - something magical unfolds -  a life with more ease, flow and abundance.


Together, women become unstoppable.

Everytime we attend or lead a circle we’re amazed by how quickly the women go from strangers to sisters. The circle creates unity. A sacred bond. A safe container to let your walls down and to let your true self be seen. 

The facade of “I’m fine” falls away and you can lean into embracing your whole self – the good, the bad, the messy, and everything in between.

In circle we are all equal. No one is above another. You realize that you are not alone with what you’re experiencing in life.  Everyone is going through something. You see yourself in your sister's stories. In their pain, realness, triumphs and tears. You realize that no one has it all together and that life is messy and complicated. And that’s OK.

Sister, do you ever:

Feel alone in a room full of people?

Feel as though no one can understand you?

Want more out of life?

Easily get "burnt out" in your typical 9-5?

Question your intuition? Maybe you’re not even connected to it?

Want to delve into witchy shit but feel embarrassed of what your family will think?

Answer "how are you" with "I'm fine" even though a part of you wants to scream, "I'm NOT ok!"

Feel ready to make changes in your life but are overwhelmed with where to begin?

If you’re nodding your head thinking “yes” please know that you are not alone.


We see you. We understand.


Trust that you have found this Community for a reason. You are meant to be right here, right now at this very moment in your life. 


(We thank the Goddess for bringing you to us)

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The Moon Society is a coven of revolutionary women who feel like they don’t belong:


Dreamers, seekers, mothers, healers, coaches, athletes, writers, artists, mystics, witches, empaths, students, lovers, doctors, nurses, corporate office workers, lawyers, politicians, those who want to follow the Priestess Path, and more!


It’s an online community that will support you to find your voice, release your fear of being seen, allow you to become empowered and find clarity - all while being connected to other women who are journeying along their paths as well.

Here's what you get when you invest $88/month in yourself:

Weekly Women’s Circles

Every week you can tune into a women’s circle. These are intimate (no more than 7  women) and happen several different days and times throughout the week so we can accommodate a variety of different schedules and timezones.

The online circles are safe space to hold yourself accountable. A space to let yourself feel all the emotions from the week. A space to connect with other women from around the world and grow from strangers to friends to sisters. A place where you can show up as your true self, with no fear of judgment. A place where an idea that you may have can turn into a full-fledged plan. A place to grow, embrace, and become the inner goddess that is within you.

New Moon Gatherings

The new moon is the first of the 8 moon cycles and is the most powerful time of the month to set intentions and to begin again. In the past, women would gather in circle every month under this moon to bleed together and pass down their stories from one generation to the next. We honor this tradition of our ancestors by bringing women together virtually, in sacred circle.

During each new moon, you will learn: the energies of each month’s New Moon (Zodiac sign and more), dive deeper into the world of manifestation and law of attraction, why rituals are an important part in our personal growth, and how to successfully set your intentions for that month.

Full Moon Gatherings

The full moon is the fifth of the 8 moon cycles and is the best time to release after all the action steps you have taken up until this point. The night of the full moon is a great time to bring out your inner wild woman and howl at the moon. 

At The Moon Society, the full moon is when we can come together to have fun, play, dance, nurture ourselves and our inner children in a community led sacred circle. Each full moon circle will be different, depending on the sister who is leading that night’s ceremony. Since the full moon is about releasing, we see this as a great time to let down our walls, ease the heaviness and burdens of daily life, unleash the inner wild woman, and embrace our badass natures. This is also a great opportunity to learn more about the other members of The Moon Society, and a place to showcase your own feminine leadership.


Online Community

This is a place where you can ask for  advice and give advice (if asked for). It’s a place to share ideas and  see what the women in our community are up to. 

It’s another level of circle, as the  circle is a place where you share and listen. This platform gives  everyone a chance to “mingle”. It’s like that exclusive cocktail party where you get to have drinks with other badass babes while learning from one another.

We will also give simple tips and  tricks on here and ask a lot of questions, so you can continue to show  up for yourself and your sisters.

Two Online Courses

When you begin to live in sync with your natural rhythms you’ll gain access to living life with more ease, flow and abundance.

In these two courses - The Moon 101 & Menstruation 101 we will teach how to begin to live in sync with your natural rhythms. In the Moon course we go over the two main moon phases - New & Full - and we teach you how to manifest with the New Moon and release with the Full Moon. In Menstruation 101 we teach you about the four different phases you journey through each month, how to track your cycle and how to begin to see your period as a superpower instead of a burden.

Easy to use online platform with an App

An online platform was very important for us when creating The Moon Society. We wanted to give you a place of community; a place where you can keep track of your lessons; a place to find a link to our New  Moon Ceremonies; a place where you can sign up for the weekly women’s circles, and other fun things!

This is also where you can dive into  other online courses we offer, if you want to truly Walk the Path of The  Revolutionary Woman. As a member of The Moon Society, you will get special discounts to upcoming events and courses.

Light Language & Meditations

Light language transmissions can remove your karmic patterns and help remove unwanted energy (thanks Linda!). Light  symbols and light language can activate and repair your personal code  (DNA), and raise your frequency. It's the human coding, connected to our  DNA, and extends beyond our bodies. This code and frequency are what  connects us to everything else: our Earth, Source, time (past, present, and future). It connects us to everything that will be and to everything that has existed.

There is also a library of meditations you can listen to when you're needing additional support.


And there’s more!

  • You also receive first enrollment access to our trainings and in person events

  • And you can apply for our Affiliate Program which means you can earn a commission when you get sisters to join The Moon Society

There are now two ways to join our Inner Circle, The Moon Society:

Quarter Moon Membership


{Most Affordable}

  • Monthly online New Moon gatherings
  • Monthly online Full Moon gatherings
  • Recordings of New Moon Ceremonies (in case you miss one)
  • Online Community
  • Easy to use calendar and online platform

Full Moon Membership


{Most Popular}

  • Weekly online Women’s circles
  • New Moon Ceremonies
  • Recordings of New Moon Ceremonies (in case you miss one)
  • Full Moon Priestess Play
  • Online Community
  • Easy to use calendar and online platform
  • Two courses - The Moon 101 & Menstruation 101
  • Meditations & Light Language Activations
  • First access to our trainings and in person events
  • Option to join Affiliate Program


Meet some of the women who can't wait to welcome you into this community! 



Marissa is a writer and recently self-published a book, Whispers of You. She loves that her friends are family, she loves the smell of pine trees, fresh rain and the ocean, and she loves the sweet delicious taste of Oat milk strawberry ice cream.


Jennifer is the co-Founder of the Pussy Podcast and loves making music, daydreaming and practicing Osunality.


Robbie loves dirt under her nails, extra garlic and getting lost on city sidewalks. 


Linda loves traveling the world with her husband, sacred, hot and intimate sex, and guiding others to find their brave authentic hearts. 


Halle loves ecstatic dance, the show Broad City, and is currently preparing for a two month road trip across the US. 


Tabitha loves her friends and family that make her and this world a better place, she loves laughter, joy, connection and lives for a great gathering of humans. She also loves the beauty and absolute perfection that is nature. 



Jen is a dog mom who loves to travel and hike, especially in the mountains on a cool autumn day. She believes it's ok to leave Halloween decorations up all year long. 


 Emily is a wild woman at heart and is currently obsessed with volunteering at a local farm. She loves naps, mid day orgasms and micro brews.

Still wondering if this community is for you? Here are some commonly asked questions:


It started with the women who came before us. The women who honored the earth and their bodies, minds, and souls. They gathered in circle.


It continues with us and with you in circle. With women standing united and rising together, hand in hand, in sisterhood.


Change begins with us and with you. It's time to reclaim HERstory, our story.


 What do you say, will you join us?


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Before jumping in, test the waters first: Join a Circle

You want to say yes... but some part of you says no, right? That's normal! You can join one of our weekly Circles so you can experience a circle for yourself, for no cost to you. 


Email us: info(at)myrevolutionarywoman.com to join a circle